Welcome to Our NEW Blog

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Hello there fabulous person! Thanks for stopping by the Blog for Poppies and Pixels formerly Flash Forward Fotos! Please Pardon our mess as we update this blog & make our finishing touches here & to our website, proofing site & Facebook page. We also have an Etsy store www.etsy.com/shop/PoppiesandPixels in the works with some neat stuff!

What a better way to welcome you to our new blog than with a picture of our baby girl Savannah Naedene born February 05, 2013 Please pardon all the cuteness you are going to be bombarded by in form of this little pumpkin. She's the main reason there was a break in sessions. There also wasn't much picture taking while I was pregnant either because I wasn't feeling great to say the least, but now she is an always available muse and perfect little model (well when she feels like cooperating). Not to mention our life has forever changed in the most amazing way because of her, she's a dream come true! I'm not sure who wrote this poem but we absolutely love it & have it up in here room (which I'll post pictures of at some point)

Before You Were Born
We Dreamed of You
 We Imagined You
Now That You Are Here
We Hope For You
We LOVE You 
 We Thank God For You

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